Tuckaleechee Utility District

Billing Information

You may pay your bill at the following locations:

CBBC Bank:

Throughout Blount County

You may also pay your bill by:

Walk-in and Drop Box: 7706 Chestnut Hill Rd

Pay by phone: 877-668-0419


Tuckaleechee Utility District customers have recently raised questions and concerns regarding DOXO, an online payment service that helps consumers manage all their various utility accounts in one place for the purpose of streamlining bill payments. DOXO uses the utility’s name/logo without the utility’s permission. When using the DOXO website, it appears customers are paying the utility, when payment in fact goes to DOXO. DOXO then forwards the payment to the utility, which can be delayed – resulting in late payments to the customer’s account and a possible disconnection of service.

Tuckaleechee Utility District is not affiliated with DOXO and, having no connection with DOXO, cannot track or obtain any information about transactions made through DOXO. The only online payment option the Tuckaleechee Utility District endorses is the one available on the TUD website, www.tuckaleecheeutilitydistrict.org

Rate Information

Effective on Bills Due Starting July 15, 2023 

First 1,500 gallons of water will be $24.15 + 9.75% tax

Every 1,000 gallons after that will be $9.09 + 9.75% tax

Every 100 gallons after that will be $0.92 + 9.75% tax

Minimum bill for 1,500 gallons of water

3/4 inch meter          $  24.15 +  9.75% tax

1 inch meter             $  43.81 +  9.75% tax

2 inch meter             $  60.20 +  9.75% tax

3 inch meter             $147.74 +  9.75% tax

4 inch meter             $165.03 +  9.75% tax

6 inch meter             $371.61 +  9.75% tax

Service Charges                   $50.00

3/4” Tap Fees                       $1,500.00

1” Tap Fees                          $2,000.00

All taps above 1 inch           Board approval needed

Line extension and Construction Fees may also apply and will vary in some areas.

If bore under road is required for tap placement the minimum fee is $500.00. Anything over starts at $80.00 an hour.

Re-connection Fee:                        $50.00

After Hours Re-connection Fee:    $50.00 additional charge from 4:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

All fees must be paid in advance before reconnection will be scheduled.